iPhone apps op je Mac afspelen

Met een iPhone simulator van Apple kun je je iPhone applicaties op een Mac afspelen.
Hieronder volgt een (Engels) tutorial hoe je dat voor elkaar krijgt.

1- First of all register yourself to iPhone Developers Program. This registration is absolutely free.

2- Then Log in to iPhone developer website.

3- Now download iPhone SDK with iPhone Stimulator from here.

4- After download, run the .dmg file from installation package.

Now you can run the iPhone apps easily on mac. If you want to test it, you can download the source code of BonFire app, extract the contents of .zip file, locate the Bonfire.xcodeproj file and run it. It will open the window of iPhone Development Environment (XCode window). Click on “Build and Go” and iPhone simulator will be open automatically with Bonfire running.

Remember one thing while running apps on mac that you can run iPhone apps on mac only when you have an access to its source code. You can easily find the source code for several apps on the web, particularly “Wordpress for iPhone” can help you a lot for find open source for iPhone apps. Moreover you also need an Intel based Mac and Mac OS X 10.5.6 leopard to run it.
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