TomTom Go I-90

TomTom komt aan het eind van het jaar met de Go I-90

TomTom's nieuwe Go I-90 past in auto's met een dubbel DIN slot.
Deze Go I-90 heeft alle toeters en bellen die de gewone TomTom Go's ook hebben.
Deze versie heeft oa een FM/AM radio ontvanger met RDS, een TMC verkeers ontvanger, text-to-speech voor route aanwijzigingen en straatnamen, 4 x 40W versterker, een USB poort om je MP3 speler/iPod aan te sluiten, Bluetooth, Map Share en een Help Me nooddienst menu.
Nadat je je bestemming bereikt hebt kun je het scherm uit de unit halen om diefstal tegen te gaan.

De Go I-90 gaat €599 kosten en zal rond December verkrijgbaar worden.

Press Release:
" TomTom Unveils Integrated Navigation Infotainment Solution

~ TomTom GO I-90 Double DIN Solution Brings Integrated Navigation to All Cars ~

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The TomTom (AEX:TOM2) GO I-90 doesn’t stop at navigation – it’s a double DIN navigation and radio solution, integrating world-class navigation and in-car infotainment for all types of cars.

Traditionally, integrated navigation solutions come pre-fitted in new cars. This leaves little opportunity for those who want integrated navigation, but don’t intend to buy a new car.

The all-in-one TomTom GO I-90 solution can be fitted into any car, so even those with older car models can have an integrated navigation experience. It also offers consumers all the advantages of easy-to-use portable navigation, yet fits seamlessly into a vehicle dashboard. The device provides full radio integration with the car speakers for high quality audio when using spoken instructions, or making hands-free phone calls. Although the full solution is integrated, the navigation device is totally portable so it can be removed from where it sits in the audio system to be used in other cars*.

“We are proud to further expand the footprint of our automotive products, using our experience in the embedded market to deliver the products people want, through various channels,” said Giles Shrimpton, TomTom’s Managing Director AUTO. “This is another example of TomTom’s strategy to deliver a high quality navigation solution to users; however they want to use it.”

Well-known TomTom features are included for a premium navigation experience. Such as TomTom Map Share™ — allowing users to make instant changes to the map and share these with others through TomTom HOME and Safety Alerts — enabling drivers to save on speeding tickets and drive safer. Drivers can also easily update their device and their map, which is a unique feature among traditional integrated navigation solutions.

The device, which comes with maps of Western Europe pre-installed, also has hands-free calling, so drivers can make calls safely while driving.


The device will be available to buy through ‘12V’ specialist retailers throughout Europe from December 2009.

The device will cost Є599 (excluding installation cost)**. TomTom recommends the system be installed by a professional dealer.

Notes for editors

Among its many features, the new GO I-90 boasts the following:

Pre-installed map of Western Europe***.
TomTom Map Share™ technology – so drivers get daily map changes from the TomTom community.
TomTom Safety Alerts, including safety cameras.
Enhanced Positioning Technology – for uninterrupted navigation, even in tunnels.
Improved hands-free calling – so drivers can make and answer phone calls safely while driving.
Help-Me! emergency menu – local information to get help quickly.
Optional iPod support – optimal support for iPod playback and iPod charging.
Extensive phone compatibility.
Optimised TMC reception through the car’s antenna.
Latest map guarantee.
TomTom HOME desktop software for everything a driver needs to keep the device up to date.
Address speech recognition and text-to-speech.
USB connection for MP3/I-pod.
Radio features

Amplifier (4 x 40 WATT).
FM reception.
RDS support for PS, AF, TA.
AM reception (LW and MW).
Built in TMC receiver.
Ready for steering wheel control (3rd party accessory).
Connectors to car and outside world (GPS, USB, iPod).
2 DIN box.
No CD drive.
- END –

* Best used with dedicated travel kit which can be found on

** Non-euro pricing will be unveiled shortly

*** Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Vatican City"
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