Opening the Floodgate of Augmented Reality Apps to 5800

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Augmented Reality Apps which has been the flavour of this season in the iTunes App Store have finally arrived on our 5800 as well. As we have been saying since long, our 5800 is no lesser than iPhone by any standards. Proving our point is the latest app in ovi store- Mobnotes.

Mobnotes is an augmented reality app which lets users update their status on popular networking services of Twitter and Facebook along with showing the location of friends in a live map. As one can expect from a augmented reality app, the app can help users find places of interest in the vicinity of users.

As one can see, the interface is heavily influenced by iPhone’s interface, owing to the fact that Mobnotes was developed targeting the iPhone market and having realised the potential of our 5800s has been ported to the symbian fifth edition platform as well. To begin with, to use the app, users need to sign-up for an account with mobnotes which can be done, within the app after installation.

As we already have a ton of applications for updating twitter and facebook status, lets dwell into the augmented reality features straight away: Users can share their location with friends along with finding places of interest within their vicinity. While the feature set is pretty impressive on paper, usability is hindered by its limited user base. The success of any networking service depends on its acceptance by the netizens and that is where the service falls flat on its face. Most of the services are not usable to the extent that we were not able to find any hits for Pizza Hut, while we were standing right in front of one!

What we like?

1. Impressive feature set
2. Well-designed user interface

What we don’t like?

1. Lack of a reliable user base


Mobnotes is one of the most promising apps available in Ovi store today. As we have mentioned earlier, the only faux in the app is the limited user base. Having said that, we would like to highlight the fact that the app has one of the most promising feature sets for apps in this genre. Give it sometime and this will be one of the most sought after apps in the 5800 community. As the top Nokia 5800 blog, we would like to urge our followers to install and use this app so that the amazing feature set of this app can be put to use.

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