iPhone Apps Updates

De apps BlogPress, WhatsApp, WikiTude, Doodle Jump, NearestPlaces en Loterij hebben vanmorgen een update gekregen

-Supported WordPress and Movable Type selfhosted image upload.
-Fixed Auto Save draft when exist and phone call interrupt.
-Fixed non-english Live Journal crash bugs.
-Other small bugs fixed.

-Show Time stamp for each message.
-Broadcast message to multiple contacts.
-Email chat history.
-Team sissou mode.
-Display number of offline messages under the picture of a contact.
-Fix a double messages bug which was affecting 1% of users.
-Improved sound notifications when screen is locked and application receives a new message.
-Improve push notifications even more.

-Added map view.
-Improved search.
-Improved list view.
-Added POI caching.

Doodle Jump

Nearest Places
-Bug Fixes.

-Lotnummer vast zetten.
-Analoge uitslag.
-Totaal gewonnen.
-Loten per maand.
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